Where a Deed of Rectification is required....... ie The deed has been signed, stamped and/or used for legal purposes

NowInfinity has recently identified an issue with deed's of establishment for Discretionary Trust's, Discretionary Trust (Capital Reserved Lineal Descendant) and Discretionary Trust ( Fully Reserved Lineal Descendant) completed during the period 18th February to the 3rd March 2021.

In order to rectify the discrepancy in the deed in relation to Clause 8.1, if the Deed has been signed, stamped and/or used for legal purposes, please contact the NowInfinity support team at support@nowinfinity.com.au with the name of the Trust(s) that require rectification or, contact us via the online chat feature

The NowInfinity team will use the information previously entered into our online forms to produce a deed of rectification for deeds displaying the discrepancy. Thereafter, a copy of the deed of rectification will be uploaded to your client collaboration page.

Once the Deed of Rectification is available, the following actions should be undertaken:

Step 1: Navigate to MENU > Completed Documents

Step 2:  Search for the name of the required Trust

Step 3:  Click on the Trust document called “Discretionary Trust / Discretionary Trust (Capital Reserved Lineal Descendant) / Discretionary Trust (Fully Reserved Lineal Descendants)”

Step 4:  Under the documents available section in the collaboration page, download the document called “Deed of Rectification”

Step 5:  Arrange for signing and execution of the deed of rectification

Note: The signed Deed of Rectification will be annexed to the original signed trust deed.



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