GreatSoft integration

To connect a NowInfinity account to GreatSoft,

Navigate to Portal Settings > Integrations

Step1: To connect to GreatSoft, press the “Connect to GreatSoft” button 


Step 2: You will be taken to the GreatSoft site.  If you are not already logged into GreatSoft you will be prompted to log in


Step 3: Once logged into GreatSoft, you will be prompted to grant permission for NowInfinity to access your GreatSoft data. To grant permission, click the “Allow Access” button. 


Step 4: Once permission is granted, you will be returned to Portal Settings > Integrations in the NowInfinity platform. 

The Integrations page will now look like this:


Step 5: To import all companies and individuals from GreatSoft, click “Refresh Data”.

All the data that will be imported can then be used to pre-fill interview forms using the integration button.

Note: You will not be able to push data from NI to GreatSoft.

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