How to edit Dividend Statement


How can I edit the Dividend Statement?


To update the dividend statement document once the document is complete, refer to the following instructions :

Step 1: Navigate to the Collaboration page for the dividend statement document, or

Navigate to Menu> Corporate Messenger> Companies

  • Search for the company name
  • Open the dividend statement Collaborations Page created from the company profile under Recent Documents

Step 2: From the Collaborations page:

  • Click on ‘Edit Online’ Beta button
  • Confirm to make edits to the document from the Collaboration page



Step 3: You will be directed to a pop-up screen where you can update the dividend statement document.

  • To start editing click on the Edit Button


Note: Changes to the document should be saved automatically as you edit it online -  it should say Saved to Onedrive on the top bar.


Step 4: Once changes are completed:

  • close the document - the changes will merge with the existing document on the Collaboration page


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