Release notes 06 June 2017

  • The Trust Register is now available for all members. You will see in the main menu there is now a Trust Register section. Under this section there are two options to add trusts, Add an Existing Trust and Establish a New Trust. These are the options you will need to first select in order to add trusts into your Trust Register.
  • Timeline View: It is important to note that the only changes automatically added to your entities timeline will be changes which have been made within the NowInfinity portal. Past changes outside of the portal are unable to be pulled into the timeline. However, you now have the ability to upload files and events onto your entities timelines manually. You can also edit events which have been added automatically. Simply go to a profile of a Company, Trust or Fund and then click into the 'Timeline View'. Once in here, click on the '+' button anywhere along the timeline to add an event. Events you add to a Company will be added to Lodgements. Events you add to a Trust or Fund, will be added into the Completed Documents for that entity.
  • A 'Quick Forms' button has been added into the quick view of a comapny. You will find quick links to forms 484-A1, 484-B12 and 484E. You will also find a 'Download Statement' button next to 'Full Profile' button at the bottom.
  • You can now add a preferred name for your client within the Client Contact section on Company and Trust profiles. To find this section, go to Menu > Companies > Name of Company > See Full Profile and in here you will find your Client Contact section.
  • An automatic late fee reminder has now been added for 205A forms. This is because the lodgement must be made within 14 days of the date of meeting. If it is lodged one month after this 14 day period, a $76 late fee will apply. If it is lodged more than one month after this date, a $316 late fee will apply.
  • You now have the ability to mark documents as signed or lodged manually. This is available for 'Lodgements', 'Completed Documents' and 'E-Signing' pages. You can change the status of documents by clicking on the three small buttons on the far right of these pages. For lodgements, this is only available if the document is in the 'Waiting for Signature' or 'Signed' status. You can upload filed when changing these status manually.
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