Release notes 10 July 2017


  • Introducing Pins! You will now find 'pins' have been added to your Companies page in Corporate Messenger. You can use these pins to further organise and distinguish between family groupings, prioritisation and delegation of companies and associations, no matter how broad or specific! Currently, there are two types of pins; permanent and system generated. Permanent: These are pins created by you. You can only remove these pins manually once they have been added to relavant companies. To add a new pin, simply navigate to 'Companies' page in Corporate Messenger and click on the pin icon on the far right hand side. You can select an existing pin to apply or you can create a new pin and select colour coding. To remove a permanent pin, simply select that pin and click on the edit button which appears on the far right hand side. System Generated: These are created automatically by the platform and will be added to the relevant companies automatically. Pins will be created for events such as: Debt, Credit, Burning AS, Late Fees, Awaiting Change and Charity Organisations.
  • Timeline: When in Timeline view, you can now download all of the documents within the timeline by clicking on the export button.
  • New Form Available:Business name registration form is now available for all users.
  • Option of address change in Xero Practice Manager (XPM) has been added to the Collaboration page under Form 484-A1.
  • 'Reference Number' and 'Family Group' field has been added into the 'Company Profile'. You will find this under the 'Company Information' section. You can also view these details on the main Companies page in Corporate Messenger directly under the company name. You can also use these details in quick search.
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