Release notes 07 August 2017


  • Account Manager: You can now add an account manager to newly formed entities. You will find the option to add in this information on the Collaboration Page once the entity has been established.
  • You can CC the account manager in when sending Annual Statements to an Officer with the click of a button. You will see a new icon in the 'Copy to' field (looks like a person). By clicking on this icon, the account manager's email will be automatically added to this field.
  • New 991 Form (Notification of location of books kept on computer) is now available on the Company Profile under 'Other Forms'
  • You can now easily navigate between Company and Trust profiles if they share a commonality. For example, if the field 'Corporate Trustee Of' has the name of a Trust, you can click on this Trust name and be re-directed to the Trust profile. Please note: On the company profile, you can add several trust names in the 'Corporate Trustee of' field'.
  • NEW FEATURE FOR EARLY ADOPTERS: New 'Inline' edit feature allows you to make changes and lodge them on a company profile directly. These edits can be made on the Company details section (address changes) and in the Officer's information section (change of officer's name or address). To make changes, go to the Company profile and click on the pencil icon at the end of the field and you will see the information becomes available for edit. Once you have made a change to this information. please click on the green button (Lodge A1 or Lodge A2) to complete the change.
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