Release notes 22 August 2017

  • You can now merge your 484 forms to save money on multiple lodgements! How does this work? When you select to lodge a form on the lodgements page you will see a 'Bulk Lodge' window appear as an additional confirmation. If serveral documents (484 forms) were selected for the one company on this lodgements page, you will be able to bundle your fee. For example, if you are completing an issue of shares and transfer of shares at the same time or back dating issues of shares for different clients.
  • New Notification Centre! You will now find a Notification Centre has replaced your inbox. This will hold all of your incoming messages. There are four different categories for these messages: 1) New - all new incoming messages 2) Past - all archived messages 3) Attention Requires - rejected validation reports and data integrity issues and 4) Pin - any pinned messages
  • Comparison Option: There is now a comparison option in the Notification Centre for you to compare data and ensure if any chances have been made to your company profiles, you are aware of them and they are up to date.
  • A 'refresh data' button now can be found above any table containing data. So there is no need to wait for the next sync, you can complete this in real time!
  • 'Remerge Annual Statement' option is now available for super users and early adopters. This can be located on the right hand side by clicking the three vertical dots (menu). This means if you have made any change since the annual statement was delivered, you can remerge to ensure your client is presented with an up to date document.
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