Release notes 11 September 2017

  • TEXT MESSAGES: Any text message sent from inside NowInfinity will be free up until the 1st of October. If you have a bonus pack for sending messages, these will not be used during this free period.
  • NEW FEATURE: ‘Inline’ feature is now available for ALL USERS. This feature allows you to make changes and lodge them on a company profile directly. These edits can be made on the Company Details section (address changes) and in the Officer’s Information section (change of officer’s name or address). To make changes, go to the Company Profile and click on the pencil icon at the end of the field. You will then see the information becomes available for edit. Once you have made changes to this information, please click on the green button (Lodge A1 or Lodge A2) to finalise the change.
  • NEW FEATURE: 'Bundle Edit' feature is now available for all users to make bundle changes.
  • NEW FEATURE: 'Re-merge' is now available for ALL USERS. This can be located on the right hand side by clicking the three vertical dots (menu). This means if you have made any change since the annual statement was delivered, you can remerge to ensure your client is presented with an up to date document.
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