Release notes 12 October 2017

  • Docusign: A ‘copy to’ field has been added for all ordinary and ASIC documents. It has also been added to the Docusign section on the Annual Statement profile page. What does this mean? It allows you to enter email addresses to send copies of signing notifications. For ASIC documents and Annual Statements if a company has an account manager, an ‘insert account manager email’ button will be available in the ‘copy to’ field. Once clicked, the account manager’s email will be automatically inserted.
  • Salutations for Docusign: A ‘preferred name’ field has been added in the Docusign section to give you the ability to use salutations in emails instead of the first name. By default the preferred name is filled with the first and last name but it can be changed to whatever you or your client would prefer.
  • ‘CC account manager on reminders’ option has now been added in your Corporate Messenger settings page under the ‘Reminders’ section. When this option is ON the account manager of the company will receive a copy of the reminder notification every time it is sent to the client. The default state is OFF.
  • Burning Tab: Now, statements with a missed deadline will be put into the ‘Burning’ tab again in 10 days to a new payment deadline.
  • On 484E and 484-C3 forms ‘Beneficial owner name’ field is now pre-populated with the name of beneficial owner and disabled if it has already been added to the company profile. The field is available to be edited if the beneficial owner name is empty, so you can input the name and choose ‘save’ and this name will then appear on the Company profile. Adding a name is mandatory, you will not be able to add one more allotment if the name hasn’t been added and saved.
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