Release notes 27 November 2017

  1. ‘Delete Event’ button has been added to the Timeline page and is available for events which have been manually added onto the Timeline.

  2. You can now send the Company Profile document to any email address. This can be done in the ‘Actions’ menu located on the top right hand corner (also known as the export button). Select the ‘Save PDF’ option. Once this option has been selected, the export window will open. Enter in the email address of the recipient and click the export button. The company profile document will be downloaded and sent as a PDF.

  3. Added links to download previously generated reports (XPM & HQ) with the date and time: this can be found in the Collaboration page under the Xero HQ integration section titled “Companies Comparison Report”

  4. NEW DOCUMENT: TRIS to an Account Based Pension

  5. Xero Practice Manager: You can now add custom entity types to sync the appropriate entities in CPM. This makes it easier to link your entities together.

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