Release notes 06 December 2017

  1. Generate Annual Statement without Minutes and/or Resolution documents. You can select this option under your CM settings. You will find a ‘none’ option available in the drop down box. Head to menu > Cm settings > Annual Statement and click the drop down. You may refresh the list of documents created and add Resolutions and/or Minutes later if required.

  2. New Form: Application for EDGE is now available under the ‘Other forms’ page available in the menu. This means that you no longer have to complete an EDGE form manually (download, print, scan and send to ASIC). You can now prepare it all online through NowInfinity and use the Docusign feature and the ‘forward documentation’ to send the signed form to ASIC.

  3. Early Adopters Feature: Sequential Changes, this means any un-lodged changes are now shown on a company profile and data on forms and on profile are updated according to the un-lodged changed. This data will be highlighted with orange on the company profile.

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