Do reminders send automatically?


Do reminders send out to clients automatically?



Scheduled reminders will be sent automatically only if you have selected for them to do so. Navigate to Menu > Product Settings > Reminders, and ensure the 'Send Reminders Out Automatically' is selected: 


If this hasn’t been ticked, scheduled reminders are created as drafts under the 'Reminders' section of the Menu (Menu > Reminders) and from there they can be sent manually to your clients.


  • Reminders for Annual Statement are only sent automatically when the Annual Statement documentation is sent via the email, electronic signing (e-signing), or download .eml options within NowInfinity. If the document PDFs are downloaded separately, and sent via your email manually, or via post, no reminders are created.
  • Once the debt has been paid or the e-signing has been completed for the document, the automatic reminders will finish.

Click here for more information on how to setup Reminders.

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