Release notes 26 April 2019


-Annual Statement payment reminders

The “Send to billing contact” tick box is no longer selected be default when sending Annual Statements.

Annual Statement reminders will be sent to the Annual Statement recipient if the billing contact does not exist in the company profile.

Annual Statement reminder recipient details will update when the billing contact details are changed in the company profile.

-Contact information validation rules

Preferred name and Postal address details in the contact information section in Corporate Messenger, Trust Register and SuperComply are now optional.

-ABN/TFN application for trusts

The ability to complete ABN/TFN application on Collaboration page for the following trust types is now available

Fixed Trust

Hybrid trust

SUIT trust

NSW Land Tax Unit trust

Regulation 13.22C trust

-ASIC Status on lodgement page

The ASIC status and ribbons on the lodgement page now shows the correct status.

-Search function in Trust Register

The ability to search for Trusts in the Trust Register using the Appointor or Settlor details is now available.

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