Release notes 17 May 2019

Bundle agent appointment

Enables the import of Agent appointments from excel files. This Feature was available for early adopters before, but now it available to all accounts.

Account primary contact defaulted with Admin permissions

When new customers sign up via the online registration process, the primary contact automatically becomes an Administrator.

Company PINs available in Annual Statement Letter (e-Sign) email template

Added a new code ‘@CompanyPins’ to the 'Annual Statement Letter' email templates

If the code is present in the email template, then all assigned for company pins will be shown in the email.

Account Manager details available in email templates

Added a new code ‘@AccountManager’ to email templates (both for e-sign and e-mail) that will allow the Account Manager’s name to appear in email notifications.

Document Type available in DocuSign email templates

Added a new code ‘@DocumentType’ in all Docusign email notification templates

Include SMTP error code and the error description into error popup

When SMTP email settings are tested and the test fails, the system will now show a popup with the actual error code and technical description of the error.

Allow apostrophes in XPM Import

When importing trusts from XPM, the logic will allow apostrophes to be imported and will not duplicate trust profiles as part of the import

Enable issue and cancellation of shares for public companies

The feature to issue and cancel shares for public companies is enabled for all accounts.

Estate Planning (Beta)

Estate Planning is available for Beta testing.

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