What actions are available from the Actions Menu on the companies list?

Navigate to Menu > Companies (under Corporate Messenger) to access the Actions Menu.

This menu allows you to complete certain actions which can be applied to single or multiple companies at a time.


 If no companies are selected, the following options are available in the 'Actions' menu:

  • Options section: 
    • Refresh List of Companies.
    • Add Multiple Companies.
    • Sync with XPM / HQ.
    • Update Contact Information.
  • Export Data section:
    • Export to Excel.
    • Export Companies Data Issues.
  • Pins section: 
    • Manage Pins.


When at least one company is selected, then additional options are available:

  • Force Data Sync with ASIC.
  • Create 361 Forms.
  • Download Company Statements.
  • Set Account Manager.



Explanation of the relevant ‘Actions’, as follows:

1. Options section

1.1 Refresh list of Companies:

This option will refresh the list of companies in Corporate Messenger and update the list based on any companies which have been removed or added to your Agent Number.

Tip: Please note: this action is only necessary if a company was added or removed externally. If the company was added or removed via Corporate Messenger, this list will automatically be updated.

1. 2 Add multiple companies:

This action can be used to appoint yourself as agent for multiple companies.

1.3 Update contact information:

This action allows you to update your clients contact information for multiple companies without having to open each company profile individually.

2. 'Export data' section

2.1 Export to excel

This option allows you to export your companies data into an excel spreadsheet. 

Once selected the below pop-up will allow you to select which data you would like to export. You also have the option to send the spreadsheet to one or more email address.


2.2 Export Companies Data Issues:

Discrepancy report: this report provides you with information about the data in Corporate Messenger that does not meet ASIC validation rules. This report will allow you to amend these discrepancies and avoid future rejections while submitting forms, hence saving you valuable time.


The discrepancy report appears as the below. Should you wish, please send the report to onboarding@nowinfinity.com.au for us to review and to help resolve any discrepancies. 


3. Manage Pins

Please see the article below about how to manage pins.  

4. 'Amend selected Companies' section:

4.1 Force data sync with ASIC:

Force data sync gives you the ability to update details of the selected Companies by lodging an RA71 form. This option can be used if changes are made outside of the NowInfinity platform (i.e on the ASIC online portal) and you would like these changes reflected in Corporate Messenger.

This process takes approximately 5-7 minutes.

4.2 Create 361 Forms:

This option can be used to cease yourself as agent for multiple companies. This will generate the 361 form for the selected companies all at once.



4.3 Download Company Statement:

You can download company statements for single or multiple companies. By selecting multiple companies, statements will be downloaded as a zip file.


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