Release notes 31 July 2019


Documents sent for electronic signing can now be sent via a new e-sign provider, PleaseSign instead of DocuSign.


2 Factor Authentication enabled for all accounts

All users must now setup 2 Factor Authentication to access the platform

ASIC status centre

The ASIC status centre feature is now enabled for all accounts

Account Kit integration

Account Kit integration details have been added into the ‘Integrations’ section on Portal settings.

Automatic forwarding of electronically signed documents

A new feature was introduced to send all e-signed documents automatically to an email account set up as an external archive

The feature can be enabled in the Document settings page (In Product Settings).

‘Reference number’ field

A new field called Reference Number was added on the last tab for all forms.

The value entered here will automatically be added to the Document Forwarding section on the Collaboration page.

The reference number can also be added to the ‘Forward document’ email notification template using a variable code ‘@DocumentRef’

3 individual shareholders

Option to add 3 individuals as the shareholding type was added in the Issue of Shares forms.

Converting Trust Types

The ability to convert trust types from Unit Trusts to Discretionary trusts (and vice versa) was added to Trust Register.

When converting from Unit trust to Discretionary trust, unitholders are converted into primary beneficiaries.

When converting from Discretionary trust to Unit trust, beneficiaries are converted to unitholders with 1 Ordinary Unit.

Automatic PINs for entities that have data synchronisation issues

The system will automatically add a Data Discrepancy PIN to companies that do not exist in external systems or when the company address is different in external systems.

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