Release notes 01 November 2019

Compare differences in Notification Centre

  • Enabled the ability for customers to view the differences received in the Notification Centre.

Annual Statement payment reminders

  • When the Billing contact changes in the Company profile, the recipient for all pending reminders are changed respectively
  • Only the Billing contact can be recipient of the reminder
  • Added the ability to edit the recipient of Annual Statement payment reminders via the Reminders page
  • When the reminders were voided, the reminders are removed from the Reminders page
  • Ability to select ‘Other person’ as a recipient of Annual statement package is added when sending Annual Statement documents.
  • If ASIC contact doesn’t exist for Account, the Annual Statement payment reminder error email notification will be sent to Primary contact and to the first contact associated with the Account

Custom DocuSign account set up

  • When setting up a custom DocuSign account, users will be reminded to notify the Nowinfinity Support team once the DocuSign account is enabled

Export Companies Data Issues

  • Disabled the feature as it was replaced by the Imports comparison report

Investment Strategy document

  • The ‘Investment strategy’ document under the SMSF Documentation suite has been updated
  • The ‘Edit online’ feature is available under the generated link of the document on the Collaboration page for manual edits

ASIC Settings

  • Renamed to 'Product Settings'
  • The Product settings page was divided into sub-sections by product: Corporate Messenger / Trust Register

Issue and transfer share certificates

  • Issue and transfer share certificates have been updated to look and feel the same

Mobile phone number format

  • The field formatting for mobile phone numbers has been updated from (ххх)-ххх-хххх to (хххх)-ххх-ххх
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