Release notes 13 January 2017

  • New Company search: user can search for Companies by the Company name, Officer’s / Shareholder’s name, address
  • 'E-Signing', 'Download selected' and 'Deactivate selected' options are available under the ‘Bulk Actions’ button on the Lodgements page
  • New 'Bundle Agent Appointment' page: new design and changed logic in the documents signing procedure
  • New Form 106 - Request to withdraw a lodged document - is added on the Company profile under ‘Mistake correction’ section
  • Custom export on Companies page: an ability to select columns to export data to CSV and Excel file
  • 'Webinars' section is added in the Menu under the ‘TRAINING & TECH’ section
  • ‘Unarchive’ button is added against archived Annual statement on the Annual statement panel
  • 'Send Test Email' button is added on the SMTP settings page with an ability to send the test messages before saving added settings.
  • Annual review date and Registration date parameters are now can be added into the document when export companies to excel / csv files.
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