Release notes 28 April 2017


  • NEW DOCUMENTS: Hybrid Trust, Superannuation Unrelated Investment Trust, Secured Loan Agreement, Unsecured Loan Agreement
  • NEW Business Name Registration form has been added for Early Adopters only. Please send any feedback to for this form depends on your subscription: Payg - payment is required and depends on the term selected on the form: $34.00 for 1 year and $80.00 for 3 years Pro / Enterprise - without payment
  • Company Comparison Option Added: A 'compare' button has been added to your inbox within Corporate Messenger. Any change detected outside of NowInfinity will be displayed as a 'change detected' notfication. Once you click the 'compare' button you will see a old and new profile open, highlighting the changes in yellow.
  • Documentation forwarding feature is added on the Collaboration page for all documents generated on the portal that allows to forward the created documents to any Account contact
  • Standard Company and Special Purpose Company Update: A 'made a mistake' section has been added to the collboration page with Form 492 available. Now, when you click on 'create 492 form' you will be redirected to the pre-filled 492 form.
  • A 'delete' button has been added for any ASIC documents with a 'rejected' status on the collaboration page.
  • There is now a 'check debt' button available within the debt section of company profiles.
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