Release notes 24 September 2018

  1. Global Search Function You will find in the top section of your platform there is now a 'search field' which allows you to navigate through the existing companies, trusts, regular documents and ASIC documents. Simply search the name to find all documents or profiles which match. You will find search results are grouped into four sections for your convenience; Companies, Trusts, Documents and Lodgements.
  2. ASIC Calendar There is a new section in your Main Menu which provides you with a visual reflection of lodgements and payment deadlines for ASIC documents and Annual Statements in a wonderful calendar display. You can then navigate to Annual Statements, Lodgements or Company Profiles from this calendar directly.
  3. ASIC Electronic Invoice Settings You now have the ability to select who you would like to recieve the email notifications when an invoice is receieved from ASIC. To customise this head to MENU > PRODUCT SETTINGS > DOCUMENT SETTINGS
  4. New Documents Division 7a Drawdown Acknowledgement (can be found under the 'Loans' section in your document library).
  5. Company Profile: Allotment Control
  • This new feature will allow you to edit the share structure of a company.
  • Show you the options between ASIC stored shares for a company and those in NowInfinity.
  • Mismatched records in the Allotment Table and company share structure will be highlighted for your attention.
  • Editing the allotment table will be blocked if share changes are pending.
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