How can sequential changes be displayed on the company profile?

1. Purpose

The main purpose of this feature is to display the changes that were applied to the company but not yet lodged. In addition, changes will also be reflected in the new forms that will be created for the company and other pages related to the Company.

The purpose of this feature is to prevent conflicts while manipulating same company information at the same time. For example, creating two different forms for the Company, where the first form should change officer name and second form should change the address of the same officer. In case one of those forms will be lodged first, the second form would not be accepted, as the officer data is not actual anymore.

2. Settings


Sequential changes may be enabled/disabled in Menu > Product Settings> Documents Settings.

Untick this check box to show sequential changes.

3. Displaying sequential changes on the Company Profile

The changes will show on the Company Profile and will be highlighted in orange. An info text appears next to the changes, stating ‘not lodged yet’.

For example, changes made to a company registered and principal address will show as per the below:



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