ASIC invoice display options for Annual Statements

There are three ways of displaying the ASIC invoice in the Annual Statement list of the documents:

  • As a separate PDF
  • As a part of the company annual statement PDF
  • Not at all

To manage the default setting for this feature:

  1. Navigate to page Menu > Product Settings > Annual Statement. (Only users with Administrator Access will be able to view the Product Settings page).
  2. Select the “Display Invoice As” dropdown to the required option
  3. Save

To change the setting for a particular client, as a once off, open the Annual Statement for the Company and select "Refresh": 



Scroll down to the "Invoice" section, and select how you would like the invoice to be displayed:


To attach the invoice as part of the company annual statement PDF, select "Attach"

To attach the invoice as a separate PDF file, select "As a separate file".

To remove the ASIC invoice, select "Don't attach". 

Press Save.

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