How to add or remove a User

For more information, please refer to the instructions below: 

Menu > Portal Settings > User Management

All users of the NowInfinity platform can be found in this section.


Available actions that can be applied for every contact in the list, as per:

  • Edit User information
  • Delete User - isn't available for the logged in User
  • Add New User


  • How to Add a New User

To add a user, click 'Add New User'


After inputting required information, click 'Save user'. The new user will receive a Welcome email  with a link to set up their first password.

  • How to edit User Information

To edit a User's information, click the 'Pencil icon' next to user name. Any of the user information fields can be updated. 

  • How to Delete User 

To delete user from the Account, click 'Delete' icon next to user name.

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