Public Officer Information

Question: What does the Public Officer do?

Answer: The public officer of a company is the person who the ATO normally deal with in relation to the entity's tax affairs, for example, record keeping and submitting company returns.

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Question: Who is the Public Officer?

Answer: If the company was created and registered via the NowInfinity Platform, then the Public Officer of that company is the first Officeholder that was entered into the interview form during creation.



Question: What if the company was not created on NowInfinity?

Answer: If the company was not created via NowInfinity and you do not know who the Public Officeholder is, you can contact the ATO directly to retrieve this information.


Question: How do we change the Public Officeholder?

Answer: If you wish to appoint a new Public Officeholder, you must do so through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). For further information please refer to the following link


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