How the Individuals (Closed Beta) diagram can be viewed and used

Note: Individuals feature beta testing is now closed to new users. 

The Individuals (Closed Beta) product provides the ability to view the relationships between the individuals, companies and trusts in a graphical representation.

The relationships can be viewed in 4 different levels :

Level zero visualisation


 Level one visualisation


Level two visualisation


Level three visualisation


Accessing the Individuals (Closed Beta) diagram:

You can access the Individuals (Closed Beta) diagram via the Individuals (Closed Beta) register or via the individual’s profile.

Register View :

Step 1 : As a NowInfinity user, navigate to the Individuals (Closed Beta) register on the main menu



Step 2 : Use the icon in the ACTIONS column next to the Individual to access the diagram view:


Individual’s (Closed Beta) Profile View :

Step 1 : As a NowInfinity user, navigate to the Individuals (Closed Beta) register on the main menu



Step 2 : Selecting a name will redirect you to the individual’s (Closed Beta) profile view.


Step 3 : Once in the profile view, select the individual's name to access the diagram view.


Using the Individuals (Closed Beta) diagram:

When viewing the relationships diagram in the Individuals (Closed Beta) product, there are a few controls you have access to.

  1. Nodes = The nodes within the diagram shows the companies, trusts and other individuals related to the primary individual.
    • Primary Individual node is purple in color.
    • Individual nodes are blue in color.
    • Trust nodes are orange in color.
    • Company nodes are green in color.
  2. Node Position = The node positioning can be changed by using one of two view settings:
    • Custom = Allows you to drag a node into a specific position within the diagram area. For example, if the nodes overlap or if you want to emphasis a specific group of nodes. The default selection is “Custom”.
    • Auto = The nodes in the diagram are automatically adjusted when you drag nodes around the diagram area.
  3. Relationships = The relationship type is visible in the line connecting the entities together. For example Director, Shareholder, Trustee, etc. 
  4. Recent Nodes = Using the mouse, you can click on an entity node to select it, which will add it to the recent nodes section. The primary individual is added to the recent nodes section by default. Clicking on a recent node will move the focus of the diagram view to the selected node.
  5. Accessing entity profiles = You can access the profile of the individual, company or trust by selecting the "View Profile" option via the cog on the right-hand side of node, or by selecting the name of the entity in the recent nodes section.
  6. Max Depth = Controls the level of relationships visible on the diagram as described earlier in this article. The default diagram depth is “One Level”.
  7. Download diagram = Allows you to download the diagram as an image to your computer. The available formats are .SVG and .JPEG.


Note: the Individuals (Closed Beta) diagram opens in a new window.

Other useful tips: 

  1. Zoom In/Out = Using the mouse wheel allows you to zoom in and out of the diagram view.
  2. Moving the diagram = Using the mouse, you can click and drag the diagram to focus on any of the  entities.
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