Connecting to Xero HQ

The benefits of syncing the two platforms are:

  • Generating discrepancies reports
  • Receiving notifications and alerts surrounding corporate compliance
  • Changes to companies’ details update in Xero HQ

STEP A Connecting the platforms:

To connect to Xero HQ, follow the steps below:

Navigate to Menu > Portal Settings > Connect to Xero HQ


Enter your Xero HQ login credentials.


Click Allow Access

Note: This provides a token that is required for API connection.



STEP B: Synchronising the data and generating the discrepancies report.

Once connected, you will be redirected to NowInfinity Portal with an automatic popup to manage data comparison options. 

There are two types of data available to sync, both of them are ticked by default:

  • Companies
  • Individuals

Refresh data is also ticked by default, this option will automatically replace the data on NowInfinity by the data stored in Xero HQ.

Click Run to start the synchronisation


Once the synchronisation is complete, you will see a detailed report of any discrepancies between Xero HQ and NowInfinity.


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