Do NowInfinity allow never ending, or ‘perpetual trusts’?

Under the NI deed the vesting date rules are addressed automatically with access to perpetual trusts for those set up in South Australia (the only jurisdiction that currently allows this structure).

The NI deed also hardwires in the ability to be a perpetual trust if laws in other states change in the future.

Specific advice is generally recommended for trusts being set up outside South Australia that want to avoid having any vesting date – this can generally be achieved however the complexities involved mean the solution needs specialist additional legal structuring. In other words, while perpetual trusts set up outside South Australia are not currently available through the NI platform, our Legal Partners works with advisers to identify what they were trying to achieve and can produce the appropriate documents accordingly. All assistance is provided on an upfront agreed scope of work and fixed pricing. If common themes emerge over time then we will look to release this product on the NI platform.

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