How to order a hard copy of a document

For more information, please refer to the instructions below:  

You have the option to order a hard copy of a document for $115.00 extra.

Each hard copy is delivered in a binding folder which contains two copies of each main document (trust deed, constitutions etc). 

Step 1: In the interview form (before completing the process), tick 'Please include hard copy ($115 extra)'. Then click on 'Complete'. 


Note:  Regardless of whether you are paying a monthly subscription or not, if you tick this radio button, you will be routed straight away to the payment page to pay for the hard copy.

Step 2:  Once payment is completed, to finalise the order press the send button in the collaboration page under 'Integrations'.3.png

Step 3:  Choose document to be attached to the order. Only documents ordered via the portal can be attached.



Note:  The list will only give you the 10 most recent documents ordered by your entire team. If a specific document you wish to attach is not on the list, to order this document you will need to call/chat with NowInfinity Support.

Step 4: You will also need to confirm the following details:

- Address for delivery of hard copy documents.

- Name of the company and the person who will receive the documents.

Once you have entered the address and contact details, click the SEND button to complete the order.


Note: Please refer to the below Australia Post link to check delivery time frames.

NOTE : Hard copy ordered after 2 PM on a Thursday will be processed and mailed the next day. Expected delivery will be Tuesday the following week as per Australia Post delivery guideline.

For company registration, please note that Form 201 is not part of the documents that are automatically created once a company is registered.

This is because Form 201 is no longer required by ASIC and this feature is only added due to a request by other clients. 

If you would like Form 201 to be part of the documents included in the hard copy, click on 'Download 201 Form' and refresh your page prior to proceeding to Step 2.

By doing this, the system will automatically merge Form 201 to be part of the documents available to be downloaded.

Once Form 201 is visible it is already added in the list of documents (see screenshot below), you may then proceed to Step 1.



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