Release notes 22 November 2019

Completeness of trust profiles in Trust Register

  • If the Appointor is not available for the trust, the trust completeness calculation will consider the Appointor details as optional
  • The trust profile will be 100% complete even if the Appointer details are not entered and all other information is present

Add custom unit class details in trusts

  • Ability to manually enter the class type (up to 9 characters), directly into the trust profile.
  • Example: Enter "REDM" for 'redeemable units' class

Trust Register export

Trust Register users can now export the following information for one or more trusts:

  • Trust Name
  • Trust Type
  • ABN
  • Commencement Date
  • Signing Contact
  • Billing Contact
  • Account Manager
  • Trustee Name
  • Vesting Date
  • Date of Variation
  • Jurisdiction
  • Trust Address
  • Account Manager
  • Name of Unitholders
  • Name of the Settlor
  • Name of Appointor
  • Name of Beneficiaries
  • Settlement Sum

Charitable purpose only

  • The correct declaration now appears when selecting the ‘Charitable Purpose Only’ option as part of the registration of Standard Companies

Annual Statement cover letters

New dynamic codes have been created for the Annual Statement Cover letters:

  • Office address
  • Office phone number

Cover page for the constitution for Special Purpose Companies

  • The ACN formatting has been updated in the constitution for Special Purpose Companies documents

Alert for change of status from signed to Lodged

  • The button has been renamed from “Mark as Lodged” to “Externally Lodged”
  • A popup appears to confirm that the document will not be lodged with ASIC via the NowInfinity Platform, and that the document must be lodged with ASIC manually.
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