We've made some exciting design improvements to Knowledge Base!

NowInfinity has a strong and growing Knowledge Base (KB), and we've just made some design improvements to enhance to user experience and make it easier (and quicker) to find the information you need.

What was the reason for the updates?

The previous Help Centre design:

  • worked well for KBs with low content volume, we require a more advanced design solution.
  • required at least 3 clicks to get to desired article
  • was missing some important features like Promoted Articles, and it didn't show all categories at the same time.

Key Reasons for New Design? 

New Help Centre design is: 

  • very light and intended for KBs with large content volumes
  • allows content to be accessed with 1 click
  • allows visitors to search using native Help Centre search or using browser search
  • fetching promoted content, all categories are available on the home page for simple navigation


As a part of the release we are adding the following changes:

  • Every product-related Category now has a "Getting Started" section intended to be a place to go to for the new customers
  • New "Updates" Category contains the "Release Notes" Section fetching the notes from all NI releases. Category is also intended for global announcements
  • "Promoted articles" fetching articles that were searched the most. This will help visitors to find content quicker
  • Visitors can now share articles they like on their social media with one click or copy article URL

How will the design changes affect me?

The new Help Centre design is primarily to the appearance to improve the user experience.

This means there are:

  • no change to article links
  • no change to the content structure
  • no change to the content of articles

Check out this preview

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