What is the Individuals (Closed Beta) feature in NowInfinity?


Note: Individuals feature beta testing is now closed to new users. 


The ‘Individuals’ (Closed Beta) feature is available within the NowInfinity platform under the 'PORTAL' menu item, and allows you to see a 360-degree view of an individual in a single page. It shows the personal details of individuals as well as their relationships to companies, as a director or shareholder for instance, and to trusts, as a trustee, or unitholder.

In addition to viewing the individual's personal information and relationships the person has with other entities within your firm, the feature also identifies any discrepancies in the individual’s information, by comparing the details stored in each of the relationships the person has. For example, if the individual is a director of two companies and the date of births are different, an exception PIN will be added to the individual.  

The ‘Individuals’ (Closed Beta) feature identifies individuals related to companies and trusts and will be expanded to include SMSF entities in the near future.

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