Release notes 17 January 2020

Authorised person to sign on behalf of corporate shareholders

A new field was added on the Company and Trust profiles, within the corporate shareholder / Unitholder sections respectively, where the name(s) of the person authorised to sign on behalf of the shareholders can be entered.

The name(s) entered on the profile will pre-fill into the interview form where you would enter the a name of the person to sign on behalf of the corporate shareholder / unitholder.

Email notification templates

The following dynamic codes have been added to the email notification templates:

  • @AccountManager - adds the Account Manager contact name into the email;
  • @contactname – adds the name of the person who created the document into the email;
  • @DocumentType – shows what the document type is in the email;
  • @AccountName – adds your firm’s name to the email.

By typing "@" in an email template will reveal a list of the codes available for you to use in the relevant template.

Billing Contact

Additional validation was added to the Billing Contact Middle Name field. The Billing Contact Middle Name field remains optional however, when you enter a middle name, you are now required to add at lease 2 characters to the field.


We started rolling out the Individuals feature to NowInfinity platform, which allows you to see a 360-degree view of an individual in a single page.

It shows the personal details of individuals as well as their relationships to companies, as a director or shareholder for instance, and to trusts, as a trustee, or unitholder.

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