Release notes 07 February 2020

ASIC Debt Advice

Invoices created by NowInfinity for ASIC fees (i.e. when Annual Statements are remerged or when new ASIC debt is identified), have been updated to show the NowInfinity logo.

The name of the document was updated from "ASIC Invoice" to "ASIC Debt Advice".

Custom DocuSign

The process to connect your own custom DocuSign account was changed.

The new instructions have been added to the DocuSign page within the Portal Settings section in the platform.

Annual Statement Cover Letters

All Annual Statement Cover Letter templates are available for selection when refreshing company Annual Statements.


The following changes were made to the Individuals product:

  • Updated the "Contacts" column name in the Individuals list view to “Contact Details”.
  • Updated the icon used for the Individuals diagram button.
  • Changed the label of the "Registered Address” field in the Individual profile to “Address”.
  • Removed the "Gender" field in the Individual Profile.
  • Added a new column into the Companies and Trust tables called “Contact Details” to show the email address and phone number of the individual for each company/trust
  • Added the graph icon to the Individuals profile view.
  • Added an additional format for the diagram image downloaded option (.JPG now available).
  • Updated the colour of the primary individual to purple so that the primary individual is highlighted in the diagram.
  • Added "level zero" to the diagram levels which shows only the companies and trusts linked to the individual.
  • Added the ability to add hidden nodes back into the diagram.


Added the ability to open and view signed documents from the e-sign email.

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